The Coffee Makers

Muzz & Dot

Coffee brings me to my happy place through it's smell and taste.

Memories of my grandparents and their love for coffee & hospitality. 

They loved to have friends & family over to visit, chit-chat, and laugh. 

I distinctly hear their laughter when I smell a good cup of coffee.

My grandparents had many nicknames.  One set they lovingly called each other

were "Muzz" (my grandmother) and "Dot" (my grandfather).

They would have their cup, or "half a cup"

of coffee in the morning with their toast or in the evening among company.

Enjoy our specialty Brazilian Bean Coffee.  

Carefully selected beans from our own personal flavor,

ground & brewed for freshness. Chosen for its smooth and creamy taste. 

We are proud to network with Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Company.

Come into the store for a fresh brewed cup of "Muzz's Buzz" or "Dot's Decaf" 

or take home a bag of this wonderful coffee to share with family & friends.


Mirror Mirror Artisan Teas handcrafted by local Herbal Alchemist, Sydney Proya.

If you are a Tea Lover, then you will want to get your box of these organic soothing teas.